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The California Wild Rice Advisory Board

  • The California Wild Rice Advisory Board is a non-profit organization of California Wild Rice farmers formed in 1986 and operating under the authority of the Secretary of The State of California Department of Food & Agriculture Marketing Division. To find out the latest food and farming news from CDFA, follow their Planting Seeds page.

The Story of California Wild Rice

  • The story of California wild rice is not unlike that of the Gold Rush that settled California. Both stories have pioneers, some boom, some bust and persistent demand. Wild rice has become a new kind of 'gold' for California.

Wild Rice Facts

  • Ranging from cool dry temperate regions to warm moist temperate ones, wild rice (Zizania) is well adapted to the northern latitudes. Z. palustrus is grown in the US and Canada. It grows mostly in fresh water shallow lake areas, rivers and streams . Yields from natural stands vary from 90 to 300 kg/ha, but cultivated stands yield better. California harvests between 1350 and 1680 kg of wild rice per cultivated hectare, with a potential to harvest up to 2250 kg per hectare. Use the link to read more facts about wild rice.

Wild Rice Crop Standards

  • Link to the CCIA general standards for planting and growing wild rice.
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